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Exhausted by the hustle and bustle, more and more people are deciding they want more out of life. You may be looking for a healthier lifestyle, a vibrant community, and more time spent sitting on the beach as opposed to sitting in traffic. At Wanderlust, we understand the need to live life to the fullest, which is why we are committed to making your dreams a reality in Mexico. Take a deep dive into our listings to find homes and properties for sale, and let us help you find the perfect home in paradise and live the life you were destined to.

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Our Real Estate Listings

Browse our wide range of homes and properties for sale to find your perfect property. From beachfront villas and jungle ranchos to chic downtown apartments, we have something for everyone.

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Giving Back

The Wanderlust team believes in giving back to our community and helping it prosper. Find out more about our community outreach efforts.

Boutique Development

Serving highly sophisticated clientele with specialized needs, our Boutique Development sector offers a customized experience with a highly skilled contractor covering all aspects of a real estate project — from design to the finer details of construction.

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Luxury Resort Living

Embrace the exclusivity of ultra-private, luxury oceanfront villas, such as One & Only Mandarina Private Homes and Susurros del Corazon Residence, to fully immerse yourself in the beauty that life in Mexico has to offer.

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The Wanderlust real estate experts

At Wanderlust, we know that life is meant for living. We aspire to help our clients realize their dreams and savor every moment. Our team of energetic and driven entrepreneurs has over 20 years’ combined business experience in Latin America. Equipped with extensive on-the-ground experience, we can guide you through the real estate buying and selling process in Mexico and make sure you’re living the dream in no time.


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Benny Love

Broker and Co-Founder


Ben started Wanderlust after becoming a veteran of the Latin American property development scene. With degrees in Anthropology and History, he has been attracted to the incredible cultural diversity and history of Mexico and Central America from a young age. A hunger to explore brought Ben to Nicaragua where he spent five years building custom vacation homes. Because these projects were mostly on raw land with limited resources, he was forced to learn all facets of the development process: he was expected to be the designer, architect, engineer, and builder. Most of the furniture, cabinetry, and windows were built by hand, as was general infrastructure such as roads, wells, and electrical and septic systems. These five years in Nicaragua have made Ben incredibly resourceful, and developed in him an “anything is possible” attitude.

While in Nicaragua, he joined his wife Kassidy’s nonprofit, The Sweet Water Fund, a grassroots foundation dedicated to inspiring Nicaraguan villages and empowering the local women through job opportunities, healthy lifestyles, and the arts. They spearheaded many projects such as nutrition and fitness programs, a suspension bridge over the local river so kids could more easily get to school, and a school kitchen built completely out of recycled materials.

After returning to the United States from Nicaragua, Ben became a general contractor in Sonoma, California. He completed multiple prestigious projects in the Sonoma and Napa valleys, including the remodeling of old-world wineries and the building of several spectacular second homes.

Three years later, Ben and Kassidy realized that the lifestyle and pace of Latin America was calling them back, so, in 2016, they and their two little boys, two dogs, and two cats made the leap down to gorgeous San Pancho to start all over again.

Ben was fortunate to work under Fred Feibel of F.L. Feibel y Asociados in San Pancho, where he developed a deep understanding of the practices and customs of Mexican real estate. After Fred’s untimely passing at the end of 2017, Ben took on the role of broker and lead agent and ran the office with his mentor’s high level of integrity and customer service. In the following year, Ben boosted the company’s sales by 350%, increasing its referral base and closing ratio.

Now a sought-after agent in the Riviera Nayarit, Ben decided to start his own company, Wanderlust Real Estate + Development. He brings his tenacity, organization, energy, optimism and creativity to the Wanderlust team and prides himself on keeping everyone on track and their clients informed, calm, and happy.