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Get to know Sayulita: Where paradise meets real estate dreams

From its origins as a small, quiet town in Nayarit, Sayulita is now one of the region’s up-and-coming destinations. This beautiful coastal town boasts several bars and restaurants and offers a variety of fun activities, attracting tourists and year-round residents alike.

The Sayulita real estate market is thriving right now due to the town’s popularity with people looking to relocate here as well as those looking for the perfect vacation home. Most are drawn to Sayulita for the luxury, high-end homes with their stunning views. It’s no wonder that many people are searching for homes and properties for sale here.

Sayulita is a community that hasn’t just grown over the last 60 years — it has exploded. Looking at the town today, you would never guess that less than 100 years ago, it was practically untouched. In the 1950s, there wasn’t much to be found here other than some dirt roads and local residents with very basic homes.

When the surfing population made its way to this small town, everything changed for Sayulita. Even celebrities started looking for peace and quiet here, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, which really put the Sayulita real estate market on the map. However, it’s not only celebrities that are looking for some tranquility — a luxury vacation home on the beach is now on many families’ wish list. With its breathtaking views and vibrant culture, Sayulita in Mexico is the perfect place to live your best life.

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The history

Back in the 1500s, indigenous tribes called this patch of land home. They did eventually make contact with the Spanish conquistadores even though the jungles and landscape were arduous to travel through.

Due to its location, the Sayulita area avoided colonization for many years to come. In fact, no attempt was made to build on the land until the late 1800s, when coconut business prospects started increasing. Along with the growing popularity of coconut oil exports and the coconut business came increasing numbers of workers, which then led to increased real estate development and Sayulita eventually turning into a small town.

Reasons to love Sayulita, Mexico

Whether you plan to buy a vacation home in Sayulita or make it your permanent home, this town has plenty to keep you occupied.
The best thing about Sayulita is the location. While it’s only a short drive from big cities and their amenities, it’s also the ideal location to experience nature like never before. Some of the most beautiful sights in the world are just a hike or short drive from the heart of town.
This incredible little town is perfectly nestled in between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the iconic coastline, making Sayulita real estate incredibly valuable. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, forests, and mountains, you get to recharge and enjoy a more peaceful life.
You’ll never get bored in Sayulita with its bustling nightlife scene, including exquisite restaurants serving the freshest seafood and plenty of lively bars. The culture and the spirit of this town are what truly makes tourists and residents fall in love with this place.
Being located on one of the most beautiful coastlines in Mexico makes Sayulita the perfect place to enjoy a laid-back beach lifestyle. From lazing on the beach to more adventurous activities like surfing and sailing, there is something for all beach lovers in Sayulita.
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Things to do in and around Sayulita

Whether you are planning on moving to Sayulita for the laid-back beach lifestyle or are simply looking for the perfect holiday home, this town is the perfect place to let off some steam and experience the joys of coastal living.

Ziplining: Explore the lush jungles and wildlife by taking a canopy tour and ziplining through the trees. This daring activity allows you to experience the jungle from an entirely new perspective. If that seems a little too adventurous, there are also plenty of safe and family-friendly hiking and biking trails to explore.

Bird Watching: Due to the rare species found here, including the large numbers of migratory birds that flock to the region, bird watching is very popular in Sayulita.

Whale Watching: If you are interested in marine life, Sayulita is home to some of the most amazing marine mammals on the planet. As the area is known as a breeding ground for humpback whales, this is the perfect location to spot these gentle giants in their natural habitat.

Baby Sea Turtle Release: A unique experience here is the opportunity to release baby sea turtles into the wild. As several sea turtle species are endangered, being able to help baby sea turtles make their way to the water for the very first time is a wonderful feeling.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: These are great ways to explore the amazing marine life on display in this area, with some of the best snorkeling spots just a short walk from the main beach.

Sailing and Sail Boat Racing: Banderas Bay has been said to be one of the best places in the world for sailing due to the ideal weather and stunning views. Nothing is more relaxing than getting your boat out on the open water and watching the waves roll by with a nice, cold drink in your hand.

Fishing: This is a very popular hobby here, as some of the most prized trophy fish can be found in the bay. Banderas Bay hosts several well-known fishing competitions for professional anglers and novices alike.

Surfing: When the surfing scene here initially took off in the ’60s, the town really started to grow. Surfing is still just as important as it was back then, with both professionals and beginners flocking to Sayulita for its waves and vibrant surf scene.

Golfing: The state of Nayarit is a world-famous golfing destination, with the LPGA even making Nayarit one of the stops on its annual golf tour. There are plenty of golf courses to choose from at various difficulty levels. So, it doesn’t matter if you are new to golf or you consider yourself a pro — there is a course for everyone to enjoy here.

Real estate opportunities in Sayulita

The real estate market in Sayulita is booming right now, with new properties appearing in the market continuously and being purchased rapidly. We know that property is selling like hotcakes here, which is why we would like to help you navigate the home buying market and make your life a little easier. Making sure you find your dream home is our specialty.

If you are looking for your dream home in your own little slice of paradise, Sayulita is the place for you with its incredible landscape and one-of-a-kind views.

With our wide variety of listings, we can help you find the best homes and properties for sale in Sayulita. Perhaps you are looking for a newly renovated, modern villa that boasts beachfront views and easy access to the center of town? Or you may be looking for something with a more tropical bungalow feel where you can step outside your back door onto your very own private beach? Regardless, we can make it happen for you.

Don’t waste your time searching dozens of websites and scanning hundreds of listings. Let us do all the difficult work and find the home that fits your every need.

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Don’t let life pass you by. Actualize your real estate goals in Sayulita right now.

Living your best life is easy — let us show you how.

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Ben started Wanderlust after becoming a veteran of the Latin American property development scene. With degrees in Anthropology and History, he has been attracted to the incredible cultural diversity and history of Mexico and Central America from a young age. A hunger to explore brought Ben to Nicaragua where he spent five years building custom vacation homes. Because these projects were mostly on raw land with limited resources, he was forced to learn all facets of the development process: he was expected to be the designer, architect, engineer, and builder. Most of the furniture, cabinetry, and windows were built by hand, as was general infrastructure such as roads, wells, and electrical and septic systems. These five years in Nicaragua have made Ben incredibly resourceful, and developed in him an “anything is possible” attitude.

While in Nicaragua, he joined his wife Kassidy’s nonprofit, The Sweet Water Fund, a grassroots foundation dedicated to inspiring Nicaraguan villages and empowering the local women through job opportunities, healthy lifestyles, and the arts. They spearheaded many projects such as nutrition and fitness programs, a suspension bridge over the local river so kids could more easily get to school, and a school kitchen built completely out of recycled materials.

After returning to the United States from Nicaragua, Ben became a general contractor in Sonoma, California. He completed multiple prestigious projects in the Sonoma and Napa valleys, including the remodeling of old-world wineries and the building of several spectacular second homes.

Three years later, Ben and Kassidy realized that the lifestyle and pace of Latin America was calling them back, so, in 2016, they and their two little boys, two dogs, and two cats made the leap down to gorgeous San Pancho to start all over again.

Ben was fortunate to work under Fred Feibel of F.L. Feibel y Asociados in San Pancho, where he developed a deep understanding of the practices and customs of Mexican real estate. After Fred’s untimely passing at the end of 2017, Ben took on the role of broker and lead agent and ran the office with his mentor’s high level of integrity and customer service. In the following year, Ben boosted the company’s sales by 350%, increasing its referral base and closing ratio.

Now a sought-after agent in the Riviera Nayarit, Ben decided to start his own company, Wanderlust Real Estate + Development. He brings his tenacity, organization, energy, optimism and creativity to the Wanderlust team and prides himself on keeping everyone on track and their clients informed, calm, and happy.